Morning Missions
What is Morning Missions? Morning Missions is a once a month mini mission project held on a Saturday morning from 8 AM – Noon, unless otherwise noted, so that St. Luke’s UMC can be Jesus’ disciples for the transformation of the world by being His hands, feet, and voice in our community. 
To see what Morning Missions projects we have cooking up, check out our EVENTS page under the “MONTHLY CALENDAR” and “WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW” sections. For further information, please feel free to email our church office at!
Re-Sell-It Shoppe
Our Re-Sell-It Shoppe is non-profit, open year round, and is 100% volunteer run.
All proceeds go towards missions to serve.
Donations are always welcomed.
Come in to shop and meet our friendly volunteers!
The entrance to the Re-Sell-It Shoppe is on the right hand side of the Parkhurst Gym. Turn into the drive way on the right of the chapel and follow it down.
Summer Cafe